I don’t even get it on account of my boss just gave me $100 to pay my $40 phone bill.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 6 months, we’ve been apart for 2 of them, and he’s about to (most likely) be in jail for 2 years. This is bullshit. He knows someone with 6 felony charges who is going to be able to get all charges dropped for being being a nark and turning in dealers and that’s fucked up. They’ll let people go who’re just going to go back to the same thing, but they’ll revoke Johnny’s probation because he confused his drug court eligibility date. Its not even a real court date… I’m just so frustrated that we are trying to do everything right and get through all this crap, and it just gets fucked up. I’m ready to have all this done with and move out of this damn state.

I miss my boyfriend so much. I haven’t seen him in almost a month and I can’t even sleep without him here. I just want him home already.